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Just Another Hustler (JAH) is designed and curated by Wale Ojuko, an England based, self taught artist who began drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil. After many years hiatus, his passion for art was reignited in 2013 and he dove back into the world of painting and has never looked back ever since. Though his art is constantly evolving, he normally creates with anything he can find. Most of his works are done on paper and wood using acrylic, oil paint, markers and pastel pencils. His work is not limited to traditional mediums alone as he also owns a substantial portfolio of digital art from years of digital art practices. Similarly, Ojuko has an innate passion for innovation, design and story telling. Depending on his mood he tends to draw inspiration from everyday objects, cartoon and popular culture. In a world full of perceived limitations, JAH operates outside of constraints. 

Artist and maker of things
#Justanotherhustler | Twitter: @Justanotherhslr 

Recent Events

Apple Show

My trip to apple

Correctional Facility

A trip to the correctional facility to show my art.

Hallam Pop Up Shop

I will be doing a shop at the Hallam pop up shop from...

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